Sons of Confederate Veterans
Louisiana Division/ NW Brigade


Compatriot of the Year/Alan T Haygood Award

In 1998 the Louisiana Division SCV created a Compatriot of the Year Award for each Brigade to be awarded by the Brigade Commander. The first recipient for the NW Brigade was Alan T. Haygood. Sadly, later that year, Compatriot Haygood crossed the river to rest under the shade of the trees. By vote of the Louisiana Division SCV Executive Council, the award for the NW Brigade was named in his honor. You see here all who have received this honor to date. These men exhibit an unyielding dedication to the cause that is representative of the entire Brigade.

Alan Taylor Haygood
1999- Porter Dowling
2000-Skip Barnard
2001- Robert Porter
2002- Aubrey Hayden
2003- Kevin Robinette
2004- Will Mason
2005- Bobby White
2006- David Hill
2007- Scott Summers
2008- Bobby Herring
2010- Bobby Herring
2009- David Hill
2012- Jeff Bogan
2011- Richard Gandy
2013- Charles Moore
2014- Scott Dearman
2015- Bobby White
2016- Ron Hecht
2017-James Cryer
2018-Syl Martinez